ILLegal Immigration – Why Those Who Oppose it Are Called Racist? is a question I, along with most informed Americans I’m sure, have been asking ourselves for the last few months. When Gov. Brewer and the legislatures in Arizona decided to establish their own laws for dealing with illegal immigrants, the vast majority of Americans applauded. The few, not so silent minority however, took to the streets, internet and MSM (mainstream media) to protest. Why? I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around what it is that was so wrong about SB-1070.Statistically speaking, illegal immigration costs American tax payers over 100 billion dollars a year. That’s with a “B” folks. Now I know that when the zeros start to add up, people tend to turn away. Those staggering amounts tend to leave people a bit dumbfounded, but what if you calculate the individual burden? There are approximately 310 million people that live in the U.S. and only a third of that number actually pays taxes. That leaves 100 million people to pay 100 billion dollars to house, feed, educate and employ another country’s citizens.

Do you think the Mexican government would be so generous with their taxpayers’ money? Doubtful. In fact, their own immigration laws call for jail time and deportation of illegal immigrants. Try entering their country, undocumented, and see if you can protest their laws, burn their flags and call their citizens racist. Life in the New York sewers would be more appealing than where they would stick your butt.

Different types of visas that would allow you to enter United States!, there are different types of visas via, which one can lawfully enter into the United States. These are divided into two categories: temporary and permanent. Further these two types are categorized in more types.If you want to get detailed knowledge of each of the visas then you need to consult a lawyer in NYC. However listed below is the information about few commonly utilized visas.Temporary-is one that does not provide green card of U.S but allows an immigrant to stay in U.S. for a specific period of time. Further it comprises of several types of visas:

  • B-1/B-2: This is the most common permit amongst people as those who want to travel U.S. they opt for this type. It is also referred as visitor or tourist permit. Under this an immigrant can stay for about 90 days in U.S.
  • F-1 and M-1: Also known as student visa. It is for the people who want to pursue education or practical training in U.S. they shall opt for this type.
  • E-1/E-2: If one wants carry their business to U.S. then they do so via applying through E-1/E-2 type, which is also referred as investor visa.
  • K-1: Also known as fiancé (e) visa. Through this a non-immigrant person can come to U.S. and get married to the U.S. citizen but within the timeframe of 90 days.
  • H-1B: People who have at least bachelor’s degree they can work in United States by applying H-1B type. However, the condition is that they have to show the proof that they would be paid well as per their position.


  • R-1: Those who are devoted towards religious activities and serve U.S. they can go there via applying R-1 permit i.e. religious worker visa.
  • P-1: This category helps artists, entertainers and athletics to enter United States.
  • O-1: Non-immigrant people who possess extra ordinary ability in business, education, science, arts or athletics they can make best use of O-1 permit, which would allow them to work in U.S.
  • L-1: It is intra company transfer immigration permit. Through this type a foreign company can send their manager or executive to United States who would carry forward the company project of establishing a new office in U.S.


Consultant assisting Canada visa application has been facing shortage of skilled labor since past few decades and hence it has been trying to woo skilled labor through its several immigration programs. Understanding this immigration program and making an application in appropriate category is not an easy task as it needs lot of knowledge for selecting the right criterion. The best thing in such a situation is to opt for consultant assisting Canada visa application. You should seek for a consultant who has presence in all the major cities of India such as Abhinav Outsourcing. These well-known consultants have branches located in all metro cities and hence can guide you properly on one to one level regarding all the immigration programs and the application process.

This is one of the most important things which you should never overlook. There are many consultancies out there that do not have proper staff and authority to run a consultancy. If by mistake you start negotiating with such people, your chances of getting entry into Canada will get diminished. Hence always opt for registered Canada visa application consultant.There are various immigration program offered by the Canadian government to lure the foreign workers. Skilled and professional labors are given the first preference as the country lacks in skilled manpower. Only and if you can establish your professional potential in front of the immigration Canadian authority, do you stand a chance of getting an entry into Canada.

So, as to make the right approach you should take help of immigration consultant who knows exactly which immigration program will be suitable for you. He will guide you while filling up the application form and also make you aware of the papers and documents that should be submitted rightfully along with the application.Mistakes in application form and also application submitted with insufficient legal documents are not   entertained by the   Canadian immigration officials. In such a case, either your application is rejected or the officials put it up for query due to which your visa can get delayed for some time. Both these circumstances can be avoided if you take help of visa applications Canada consultant.